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7 February
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
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alaska, almost famous, american beauty, american history x, angelina jolie, antitrust, astrology, beautiful thing, billy's hollywood screen kiss, bjork, blair witch, blink 182, body shots, bois, books, boxer briefs, boxers, boys, bring it on, broken hearts club, bt, bully, but i'm a cheerleader, calvin and hobbes, camping, candles, catcher in the rye, chasing amy, cheese, christmas lights, clerks, computers, cooking, cruel intentions, cuddling, dancer in the dark, defying gravity, delerium, dido, dogma, douglas adams, dreams, drugs, dvds, edge of seventeen, everclear, fight club, final fantasy, fleetwood mac, friends, gale harold, garbage, gay, gay boys, gay guys, get real, ghost world, gia, go, grateful dead, guys named josh, hal sparks, halo two, hedwig, hiking, homosexuality, house on haunted hill, internet, it, janeane garofalo, jason lee, jefferson airplane, jude law, kevin smith, kids, kristen dunst, led zepplin, life, lit, lord of the rings, lou reed, love, magnolia, mallrats, marilyn manson, mark walhberg, matrix, moulin rouge, movies, moving, nico and dani, nine inch nails, noodles, northern lights, ocean's 11, out, people watching, photography, playing by heart, poetry, queer as folk, r.e.m., rain, randy harrison, raves, requiem for a dream, robotech, romeo and juliet, run lola run, sarah mclachlan, scream movies, scrubs, sex, sexy stomachs, smoking, snowmaching, south park, spiderman, stephen king, strictly ballroom, sum41, swimming, talkeetna bluegrass festival, talking, tank girl, techno, the beatles, the dark tower, the ice storm, the stand, the virgin suicides, third eye blind, tori amos, trainspotting, trick, urbania, vampires, webcams, welcome to the dollhouse, wild reeds, will & grace, writing, xy, zelda
there is still nothing that i really would like to put in this section. But like I've stated before, if you want to know me, read the journal

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